Emergency Management Council

Officer Robert Haffner   Coordinator

Sylvia Petillo   Mayor

John Young   Council Member Representative

Scott Wallis   Liaison to Forest Service

Dan Rodriguez   Capt., Ambulance Squad

Wade Crowley   Fire Chief

Rich Cook   Fire Prevention Bureau

Ron Jobeless   DPW Superintendent

Neil Piro   Supervisor of Facilities, Hopatcong High School

Telephone number is 973- 770-1200

The Borough of Hopatcong has an Emergency Management Plan in effect, which contains procedures, resources, departments and agencies to keep the Borough in a state of readiness
in case an emergency should occur, and to be implemented as need arises. Continuing
review, up dating and implementation of the Plan is the responsibility of the Emergency Management Council. The Emergency Management Council consists of ten members appointed by the Mayor. Of the eighteen members one is appointed Coordinator and four others
as deputies. The membership cuts across Borough Departments, Hopatcong School District, churches, and local organizations.

Emergency Management is defined as an organized effort to mitigate against, prepare for,
respond to, and recover from an emergency. It is a cooperative effort on the part of all levels of government and the private sector. Each level has its own Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) in place should an emergency arise. The purpose of a plan is to provide a systematic way of responding to an emergency situation. The plan also contains resources available and functions of each department and agency that is available if needed in the emergency. Each plan has an Emergency Management Coordinator also called Manager who's responsible for developing and maintaining the emergency management plan and programs for its jurisdiction. When an emergency arises, the manager or coordinator has the resources and personnel available to assist all departments and agencies in the jurisdiction. The Office of Emergency Management (OEM)
is responsible, by Federal and State Law, for the coordination of all the Emergency Services in the Borough, including police, ambulance, fire and rescue, the departments of Public Works and Health, and all additional agencies necessary.

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