Added Assessment and Omitted Added Assessments

Because improvements to a home result in an increased value, the property tax assessment will increase. Added assessment tax bills are mailed at the end of October after the improvement is substantially completed for its intended use, as established by State law. The completion date as determined by the Assessor is not the same as the date of the final inspection. The bill is payable on November 1st. Thereafter, it is included in the annual tax bill. If you did not receive an Added Assessment Tax bill for work completed in the previous year, you will receive an “Omitted Added” Assessment bill in addition to an “Added Assessment” bill the year following the improvement. In determining an added assessment value, someone from the assessor’s office inspects the property, as if it had never been assessed. This includes all changes, including those for which no permit was obtained. The property is assessed at the current market value (as of October 1). The difference between the old assessment and the value of the entire property at the end of the project, adjusted to the last Borough Revaluation, is the amount of the added assessment.

Please note, not scheduling a final inspection for your building permit does not delay the added assessment tax bill. As noted above, the final inspection may or may not trigger the assessment.

Not getting a permit does not prevent an assessment. An assessment of an improvement is made regardless of whether there was a permit or not.

Also, sometimes properties are left off a municipality's tax list in error.

A Guide to Tax Appeal Hearings (

Deadline for Added Assessment Appeal is December 1 

To appeal your property's assessment with the County Board of Taxation:

County Tax Board Information

County Boards of Taxation

NOTE: If the aggregate assessed valuation of the property exceeds $750,000 the appeal may be made directly to the Tax Court of New Jersey

Tax Court of New Jersey

If you are not satisfied with the decision made at your County Tax Board of Taxation hearing, you can file an appeal with the Tax Court of New Jersey. File your appeal with Tax Court within 45 days of the date of the County Board of Taxations judgment. NOTE: If your property's assessment is more than $1 million, or if the added or omitted assessment aggregate assessed valuation exceeds $750,000, you may appeal directly with the Tax Court of New Jersey.