The Environmental Commission is a seven member Commission with two alternates established in 1972 (until 1983 referred to as Conservation Commission) as provided in Article Two of Chapter 5 “Environmental Commission” of the Code of the Borough of Hopatcong in accordance with Chapter 245 of the Laws of New Jersey, 1968. The members and alternates are appointed by the Mayor with staggered terms of service. There is a Chairman and Vice-Chairman. The Borough provides a recording secretary. One member of the Commission is appointed by the Mayor to serve on the Land Use Board, as provided in the State Municipal Land Use Law.

Some of the activities of the Environmental Commission include: securing grants, promoting and conducting environmental and conservation programs, reviewing NJDEP and EPA activities, assisting with litter cleanup and beautification activities, water testing of the Musconetcong River, and, in general, involving the entire community in preserving and enhancing the environment.

Environmental Commission Mayoral Appointments

3 Year Terms - Term Expires December 31st  of the Year Listed

Name Term Expires
Jule Girman- Chairperson 2023
Pat Hoferkamp- Vice Chair 2024
Georgia Schilling- Treasurer 2023
Jennifer Barone 2025
Lisa Hirschfeld 2023
Bradley Hoferkamp 2024
Jonathan Taylor - Land Use Rep 2025

Alternate Members:
Willa Scantlbury - Alt I - Expire 2024
Jon Rafalowski - Alt II Expire 2023
Council Liaison: John Young

Agendas & Minutes

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