Purchase Borough Property

for sale


            Have you ever wanted to expand your property or seen a vacant parcel that you are interested in? Now is your chance to purchase property owned by Hopatcong. Over the years, the Borough has accumulated a substantial number of real estate parcels that the Borough is willing to sell.  Most of the parcels are vacant, but a few have structures.    

A list of the parcels can be found here

            If anyone is interested in the parcels on the list, they can complete the inquiry form, and return to the Clerk with a $100.00 deposit. The form can be found here.

          The Borough does not sell property that is needed for municipal purposes.  The Borough will also not sell property that is used for parks or recreation, including the accumulated area of the Natural Area Preserve set forth in the Borough’s Ordinances. 

            If there is interest in purchasing a specific parcel, the Borough Council will consider placing the parcel up for sale.  All sales are authorized by Ordinance and are made by public auction.  The public auctions typically take place at Borough Council meetings. 

          Conforming lots with respect to size are sold at a minimum bid of 50% of the assessed value and non-conforming lots are sold with a minimum bid of 25% of the assessed value.  The auctions are always subject to all of the terms and conditions set forth in the Ordinance.  All sales are “as is” with respect to both condition and the title to the property.

   Any person is permitted to bid for conforming lots.  Non-conforming lots can only be purchased by adjoining property owners with the condition that the non-conforming lot be merged with the bidder’s property. 

For further information, please e-mail the Borough Administrator at 973-770-1200 ex 120