Water Utility

Attention All Municipal Grinder Pump Users
Public notice from the Water/Sewer Department Operator. For the Care & Use of your Grinder Pumps. Regulatory agencies advise that the following items not be introduced into any sewer, either directly or through a kitchen disposal unit. Glass, metal, any leftover food, seafood shells, any type of cooking oil grease, goldfish stones, diapers, socks, rags or cloths such as baby, handy or any type of wipes, plastic objects, (toys, utensils, etc.) kitty litter, coffee grounds, any sanitary napkins or tampons, paper towels, cigarettes, cigars, Q-tips, makeup pads, wooden match sticks, etc. In addition: you must never introduce into ANY SEWER: Explosives, flammable materials, auto oil and or grease, strong chemicals or gasoline. Failure to comply with these regulations will be subject to penalties and fines as per Borough Code: 186-14.B & 186-32.