Mayor & Council

Municipal Building: 111 River Styx Road, Hopatcong, NJ 07843

(p) 973-770-1200  / (f) 973-770-0301

The Mayor and Council meetings are usually held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:30 PM unless otherwise noted. 

Mayor Marie Galate
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Term Expires 12/31/27

Councilwoman Jennifer Johnson
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Councilwoman Rachel Rodriguez
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Councilwoman Dawn Roberts
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Councilman Ryan Smith
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Councilman Bradley Hoferkamp
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Councilwoman Christine Smith
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The Mayor
The Mayor is the chief executive officer of the Borough. The Mayor is elected at-large for a four-year term. The Mayor is considered to be a member of the Borough Council, helps set the agenda for Council meetings and chairs all meetings of the Council. The Mayor can vote only in the event of a tie but has the power to veto any ordinance adopted by the Council.

The Mayor has executive authority to act between Council meetings in matters affecting the Borough.

The Mayor can declare a state of emergency and can act to protect the Borough and its citizens.

The Mayor appoints the members of all Borough Committees and certain Borough Commissions.

The Mayor’s nominations for certain other Borough Boards and Commissions are subject to Council approval.

The Mayor prepares the initial draft of the annual Borough budget for submission to the Council.

The Mayor can issue Proclamations. The Mayor is authorized to perform marriage ceremonies.

The Mayor is required to sit as a member of the Land Use Board. The signatures of the Mayor and Borough Clerk are necessary to create any legally binding obligation of the Borough.

The Borough Council
The Common Council of the Borough of Hopatcong (Borough Council) is the legislative body of the Borough. There are six members of the Council elected at-large for three-year terms. In every year, two council positions are available for election. The Council can act in one of two formats: a) Ordinances, which have the effect of law and b) Resolutions, which state the policy or direction of the Council. Ordinances require public notice and a public hearing prior to adoption. Resolutions must be adopted in public but do not require public hearings.

The Council is charged with the adoption of the annual Borough Budget. The Mayor’s nominations of certain Borough officials are also subject to Council approval. Council members are annually appointed by the Mayor to act as liaisons to various Borough departments, Boards, Commissions or Committees. The Council annually elects a member to serve in the position of Council President. In the absence of the Mayor, the Council President can assume the role and duties of the Mayor. The Council also annually elects a member to serve as its representative on the Land Use Board.

Meeting By-Laws
Borough meetings to be conducted in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order, and at the discretion of the Mayor or presiding Officer.

Public Comment Period (s) shall provide an opportunity for each individual to speak for five (5) minutes, and when appropriate as determined by the presiding official, an extension may be granted. Members of the Governing Body may respond to the individual if they so chose at the conclusion of the Public Comment Period. Any and all comments should be addressed to the Governing Body, not to the general public and delivered in a civil and non-provocative manner. The Governing Body shall by motion close the public comment period by a majority vote. The Public Comment Period shall not exceed one (1) hour unless approved by a majority vote of the Governing Body.

Adopted: Resolution #19-10 Date: January 6, 2010