Sussex County Chamber of Commerce

Welcome to the Chamber of Commerce! The Borough of Hopatcong has partnered with the Sussex South Chamber Council of the Sussex County Chamber of Commerce to encourage economic growth for the businesses in our Borough. We encourage all of our local businesses to join us at our monthly meetings, second Friday of the month, 8 am, at the Andover Diner.
Membership in the County Chamber includes many benefits, such as a free monthly Business to Business Breakfast and numerous County-wide advertising opportunities. 

Please contact Councilman Ryan Smith for details,
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Mayor Francis and Councilman Ryan Smith accepts Healthy Living Award for the Hopatcong Farmers Market from the Sussex County Chamber of

Commerce For Outstanding Contribution to Sussex County Quality in Business Quality in Living - 2023.

March 23, 2023 - The Sussex County Chamber of Commerce awarded the Healthy Living Award to the Borough of Hopatcong for the Hopatcong Farmers Market for outstanding contribution to Sussex County quality in business quality in living.

“The Hopatcong Farmer’s Market started in the summer of 2012 with a few vendors and an abundance of hope. The concept of the Market was born from the European model that provides a service to the community by giving local small businesses the opportunity to bring their goods to a common place in the community to sell them. The Hopatcong Marketplace does just that – it provides an opportunity for people to socialize, discover how diversified our town is, and how much they have in common” said Mayor Mike Francis. It has become a destination where you can get locally sourced produce, freshly made fudge, gourmet teas and spices, hand crafted jewelry, homemade crafts, home décor and so much more. Residents bring items to sell making this Market a weekend destination, where you can discover something new each week.

“Since 2012 the Market has grown from 3 or 4 vendors to over 100 vendors currently, with the help of many volunteers and countless hours of challenging work. All fees from the purchase of a table donated to the nearby “Hopatcong Community and Wellness Center.” Walking down the aisle of the Market can be just what you need for a culinary inspiration, to find a gift for that hard-to-buy person, catch up with an old neighbor you haven’t seen in a while or grabbing a snack from one of the delicious food vendors. You might see one of the local Scouting groups doing a fund raiser, or some first responders interacting with the community” added Mayor Francis.

“We welcome everyone to be part of our Market and continue to make our Market an integral part of our community. There is fun to be had by all, people and pets alike, with seasonal themes and contests. It is sure to be a day well spent where the community can gather and connect with others” concluded Mayor Francis. 

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